Biker Jewelry Culture

  What is biker jewelry (also frequently) referred to gothic silver jewelry, gothic jewelry and Rock and Roll jewelry)? While we do innately know what it is, many objects of wonder such as these some things can hardly be described adequately through words. It can be said that gothic silver jewelry takes the form of heavy, bulky jewelry handcrafted from 925 sterling silver. It employs bold, unconventional, edgy and often anarchic, defiant themes.

The perception it commonly inspires is that of a rugged, handsome, masculine and individualistic man riding a powerful Harley through endless country roads into the sunset with an adventure-filled agenda. Or that of a hugely successful metal star performing live on stage, inspiring the adoration of millions of heavy metal followers in the mosh pit. It is a look which tickles the imagination and commands awe, admiration and wonder. Today, this look is hugely popular, due mainly to active promotion by musicians, bikers, biker fans, rock n roll fans and other cultural adherents eager to pioneer neo age fashion through the snazzy, head-turning outfits and accessories they wear.

Biker jewelry, despite its generic sounding name, is anything but generic, and despite its coarse sounding name, is anything but cheap. Biker jewelry brands such as Double Cross, Crazy Pig Designs, Chrome Hearts, Bill Wall Leather etc charge thousands of dollars per piece of biker jewelry. Each piece of gothic jewelry might be as small as a four gram pendant, which can go for several hundred dollars, to huge, chunky jewelry chains which can range from several thousands to over ten thousand dollars.

Fortunately, gothic jewelry has been made accessible to all though small time, unbranded jewelry outfits which craft similarly styled gothic designs also in real sterling silver for the less affluent fan. To access one such shop, click Skull Rings.

Why Choose Sterling Silver Over Silver Plated Jewelry?

Why Sterling Silver: When you wear a piece of real Gothic sterling silver jewelry, you earn the right to join the exclusive rugged biker culture; one which treasures the dreams of independence, individualism, masculinity & cultural solidarity. You become what you wear, and what you wear becomes a statement of what you truly are: an out-and-out badass. If you choose to wear a piece of silver plated costume jewelry, your badass image is only as convincing as the shoddy layer of silver coating covering an unpresentable lump of base metal. It fades, and when it wears off, it makes you look really cheap. With real Gothic sterling silver jewelry on the other hand, your badass image runs deep and like the warm chunk of precious silver on your skin, it never fades.

The Bad News: We believe that as fans of biker jewelry, you'd probably have already seen the disturbingly high prices placed on luxury branded Gothic silver jewelry. Just one simple earring containing no more than 6 grams of 925 sterling silver would set you back over US$400. And that's just the start. A weighty, chunky designer label skull bracelet could possibly cost you near as much as your bike itself. That's a really heavy price to pay for the Gothic silver image you seek! Much as you don't want the cheap silver plated stuff, the real stuff is priced practically at the level of a mortgage.

The Good News: There are online merchants who seek to satisfy the needs of Gothic jewelry fans, biker jewelry fans and all others who enjoy the look and style of real Gothic silver jewelry, but cannot afford to pay for branded labels. They provide a precious alternative to luxury labels by offering customers authentic sterling silver Gothic jewelry in styles similar to designer label jewelry. Armed with the capacity to exploit state-of-the-art machinery, engineer moulds, gain access to cheap raw materials and reach out to customers at low cost through web marketing channels, (and of course, a willingness to make a fair profit & accept lower margins), they can deliver gothic styled sterling silver Gothic jewelry at a tiny fraction of what branded labels would cost you.

Full Finger Rings Or Armor Rings As They Are Known Are Attractive Forms of Stylish Gothic Jewelry

I really think that to impress these days, jewelry has to be a little unusual rather than huge and blingy. Not many of us can afford to buy precious metals and stones that are so ostentatious that nobody can fail to notice them. So, to discover an armor ring (which is most definitely different but understated) was a real find. They kind of project an aura of quiet mystery that provoke questions in a way that I have never known.

Funny to think that even enquiring politely after a large rock or piece of gold on somebodys finger would not be seen as anything less than rude. But, by wearing an armor ring the rules just seem to go right out of the window such is the impact they have and the interest they create.

Dramatically unusual and unusually impactive, they really provoke a talking point for sure. I really cannot say that I know the origins of these fascinating pieces of finger decoration. But, with other names like medieval ring, knight ring, Gothic or full finger ring also used for them; perhaps they have their beginnings in days gone by when knights fought for honour and victory by the hand and sword, who knows?

What I am sure of, is that round and boring they are most definitely not, each one is very much an individual looking work of art. Designed to be worn so as to cover from the base of your finger to just below your fingernail or the knuckle below it, you can maybe begin to see why they provoke such curiosity.

Generally they are made from pewter or sterling silver which makes them really durable and comfortable to wear (and as an added bonus relatively inexpensive to buy, silver of course costing slightly more as you would perhaps expect. But nothing that will give your Bank Manager a funny turn). They are fashioned in 2 or 3 pieces that are jointed in the same places as your own finger which ensures total flexibility when you are wearing it.

With styles and designs being both intricate and feminine or more robust and rugged they appeal to both guys and gals alike and scream unisex for sure. That said, none of them sit solidly either side of the gender fence and to be honest, if you like something then why not have it anyway regardless?

For some reason these wonderful finger adornments have been largely over looked by the general population and it is our friends who prefer the Gothic style of dress who have enjoyed the craftsmanship for far too long, very clever keeping that so quiet. But, the secret is now out and having an armor ring really is a fantastic way to get yourself noticed they, being just as individual as you are, now that is brilliant.


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